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  A part of my activity is psychotherapy. After a long didactic psychoanalysis and holding a Master in Clinical Psychology, I started individual therapies in 1998. At that time, my theorical reference was psychoanalitic.

  But, I was quite familiar with dealing with groups and with different cultures. The psychoanalysis appeared to me to be llimited because this theory is too much centered on the inside of the person and is not giving enough attention to the interactions. On the other hand, it is the only conceptual approach of the sexual difference. If many difficulties in the enterprises are due to the gender difference, the therapist is often meeting people suffering from the poor relationship with the opposite sex. Also, the psychoanalysis is still the best way to understand the relationship between parents and children. 

Now, interpersonal relationship and group dynamics is better understood with Social Psychology and Systems Theory. Cognitivism is very good with intercultural difference and with mental dysfunctions such as compulsion or phobia. Consequently, I am now using a wide spectrum of techniques adapted to the particular situation I meet.  

I am also doing clinical and pragmatic research, mainly in three directions:

Family. It was my main area of interest during my studies, especially the mother-daughter relationship and the stepfamily which was the subject of my Ph.D. dissertation (see "Publications" where the document is available).

Perversion. I am participating in a research group leaded by Alberto Eiguer on this subject. I started to be part of this effort 12 years ago and this was very useful to understand the conflicts  within the enterprises. As a therapist, I see very few perverts but a lot of victims and I have developped creative techniques to address these situations. 

Sexology. This theme is a long term reflection about gender difference. Sexual dysfunctions are often related to a poor communication and it appeared to me that interactions between men and women are quite similar to interactions between different cultures. The same cognitive and emotional limitations apply. I plan to publish in 2010 or 2011.

     Most of my activity is with adults and couples.  

Michel MORAL - Société SOMICA
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