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I have a very large network. My key criteria to select allies is trust. It is extremely difficult for me to work with people who do not share my sense of loyalty and honesty. We are not on earth just to make money or extend our power. I truly believe that our journey in this world has to be a contribution to the good. It is my richness but also my limit.

So, I am linked with different groups which rarely meet. I am often the hyphen between these communities. Knight-errant, I never give myself to one party but I am loyal to all of them.

According to Hermann's brain patterns, I am an "explorator". Therefore, I try to stay close to those who go beyond the border of current knowledge.  

Undici (

Quite an important allie because of shared creativity.  Undoubtedly the key one.

International Mozaik ( )

Despite different training orientations we share the same appetite for intercultural, international and creativity.


Dear friends. If you look for ressources in Eastern countries, Asia or anywhere else, go to them. 

AxisMundi (

We share a pluralistic view of coaching and we try to understand what we are doing when we are responsible of the life of other people. 

Brain Booster (

Suzanne Peters and Sabine Henrichfreise are persons that I appreciate very much. We share a common view of organisational coaching.

Trajectives (

Laurent Oddoux is a former IBM VP recently involved in the coaching business. His specialty is crisis and, as he is very inventive, he has created interesting tools.

DexteamDex (

Olivier Devillard, a well known specialist of team coaching, has decided to explore the area of corporate culture. Of course I am interested in being part of this adventure. 


 Olivier Devillard again, but in his team coaching specialist identity.

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